Kera Talks! - Inviting 100 partners to drive carbon neutrality

20.12.2021 9.21Updated: 25.1.2022 11.30

Innovative solutions for the sustainable urban development of Kera as well as the goals and opportunities of the new district were presented at the Kera Talks! event on 11 November. Now, we invite all partners to join the development collaboration. How can you and your organisation help reach carbon neutrality?

Espoo’s goal is to be carbon neutral by 2030 and to achieve the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals by 2025. For this, we need everyone. The RAKKE project creates a solution path to sustainable growth ecosystems together with 100 companies and other partners. “All ecosystems strive to be socially influential. At the same time, together with the partners, we learn what is effective and impactful as well as how to increase it,” says Reetta Jänis, Development Manager from the City of Espoo.

An ecosystem is a set of actors with a common goal. “The city brings permanence to ecosystem work and ensures that the work is focused on the most significant development challenges for the region’s economy and development. The city is an enabler, collaborator and creator of contacts and visibility,” describes Mari Päätalo, Development Manager from the centre of Excellence for Sustainable Growth at Espoo.

What is your superpower?

“The Path to Sustainable Growth Ecosystems (RAKKE) project is based on cooperation and partnerships. We want to build ecosystems with 100 partners. Our goal is for the city of Espoo to be the best development partner and a pioneer in post-COVID-19 recovery work,” says Jänis. “We invite all partners to solve the big and small challenges.”

A few ongoing projects were presented at the Kera Talks! event in November, such as a study of biomass flows and the advancement of biogas, hard plastics upcycle flow as well as the electrification of transport and smart poles for smart cities. What are the core competencies of you or your organisation that you could bring to joint development to achieve carbon neutrality?

Get involved

We invite companies, research institutes, universities, organisations and other organisations to work together to create a solution path for sustainable growth. RAKKE will strengthen the public-private sector cooperation, innovation and entrepreneurship in the following development entities:

  • Clean and smart urban development
  • Renewable energy, energy communities and energy citizenship
  • Emission-free mobility
  • Circular economy of materials

Ask for more information from our experts and join the collaboration.

  • Sustainability
  • Entrepreneusrship
  • Urban development