KEPA Uusimaa Newsletter 2/2021 December

Published: 22.12.2021 13.14

Services for people with intellectual disabilities in Uusimaa project

Waiting to receive electronic information

You can soon subscribe to the KEPA Uusimaa newsletter on the Espoo website (in Finnish, Swedish or English on the respective language versions of the site). The newsletter will be sent about once a month. At the time of writing, it was not yet possible to subscribe to the newsletter, but hopefully it will be possible before the next letter.

The project has its own website in Finnish(extrernal link), Swedish(extrernal link) and English(extrernal link), collecting materials created during the project and interesting links, for example. The website also includes previous bulletins and newsletters. The links to the website can be found at the end of this letter.

The project groups have started working intensively

All project groups have been organised, and the work has already started in some groups and some will start more intensively next year. The first project group to start working was the group preparing a proposal to centralise Finnish-language special services for people with intellectual disabilities.  Special services include, for example, psychiatric services for people with intellectual disabilities and intellectual disability clinic services. The steering group met on 18 November 2021 to discuss the project group’s proposal. It was the opinion of the steering group that, with the planned division of work in organising the services for clients, the services can best be secured by centralising them.  The matter requires some further clarification before a decision can be made. Hopefully, we will be able to provide more information in the next newsletter.

Register for the client participation group

All project groups and the steering group include representatives of organisations and disability councils. We want to hear the clients and their families from the very beginning.  In cooperation with Kehitysvammatuki 57, we have planned how we could best enable clients to participate.  We decided to assemble a client participation group.  We are now looking for interested users of services for people with intellectual disabilities and their family members to join the client participation group. Individuals and groups can register for the client participation group. The registration period will end on 31 December 2021. The formation of the group is being organised by Kehitysvammatuki 57.

Do you need more information about the project?

We will be happy to come and tell about the project to municipalities, disability councils and organisations, associations and other stakeholders. As the project progresses, workshops will be organised, and comments on operational and organisational proposals will be requested before making decisions.

See you next year. The next newsletter will be published early in the year.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2022!

Kind regards,

Kati Sihvonen, Project Manager
Tel. 040 636 9258

Tiina Hannikainen, Project Specialist
Tel. 040 505 9727

The SOTE reform will significantly change the services for people with intellectual disabilities. The existing districts for the special care of people with intellectual disabilities will be abolished. The services for people with intellectual disabilities will be reorganised in 2022–2023.  The project for the organisation of social and health services for people with intellectual disabilities will be implemented between 1 August 2021 and 31 December 2022. Representatives from the wellbeing services counties of Uusimaa, the City of Helsinki, HUS, Eteva and Kårkulla joint municipal authorities and the joint Disability Council of Uusimaa have been appointed in the project steering group. The steering group is chaired by Markus Paananen, Director of Health Services at the City of Espoo.