A handbook for Business Espoo: “This is how the service centre for companies was created”

14.12.2021 10.43Updated: 10.10.2022 12.48

The handbook “Business Espoo - Näin luotiin yritysten palvelutori” about the Business Espoo business service network provides a comprehensive description of the background and formation of the network as well as the challenges and lessons learned from the perspective of the City of Espoo in particular. The handbook is intended for those involved in Business Espoo, experts in the Business Services, city developers and those who work extensively with networks.

“The Business Espoo handbook is a part of the Make with Espoo product family, and the basic work described in it has provided excellent support for the continuous renewal and development of the network. In fact, from the starting point described in it, Business Espoo has become an effective, future-proof network,” rejoices Päivi Sutinen, Services Development Director, City of Espoo.

The handbook “Näin luotiin yritysten palvelutori” is divided into clear sections:

  1. Background of the birth of Business Espoo; the goals and the concept of the Service Centre
  2. Establishment of Business Espoo, mapping the customers and services, service packages, the operating method and communications
  3. Network management, network capability, co-creation
  4. Challenges and lessons learned, reaching the goals, next steps

The handbook was implemented with funding from 6Aika – Ecosystems of Growth: and the main author of the book was Development Consultant Heli Hidén, Service Development Unit of the City of Espoo.

The handbook is now available in Finnish (pdf)(external link).

An English translation of the handbook will be published later.

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