Food business operator – please remember to submit a notification on the discontinuation of your operations

20.12.2021 14.56Updated: 19.12.2022 11.30

In the future, the new basic monitoring charge, which was instituted in 2022, will be charged from all targets that are active in the target information system on 1 January 2023 and are liable to pay the charge based on legislation. The basic charge is EUR 150. In addition to the basic charge, fees according to the Environmental Health Services tariff will be charged for control activities.

It is the operator’s responsibility to notify the food control authority of the discontinuation of its operations. In order to avoid the basic charge for 2023, a notification on operations that have concluded in 2022 must be submitted no later than 31 December 2022. Moreover, when an operator changes, the previous operator must notify the food control authority about the end of its operations.

The basic charge is a tax-like payment instituted in 2022, which is collected annually from food business operators that are under municipal monitoring. Provisions on the charge are laid down in the Food Act that entered into force on 21 April 2021.  The charge covers food control duties for which there is no task-specific charge. These include, for example, guidance and counselling.

The basic charge applies to all approved food establishments and premises and approved places of primary production of sprouts. The charge also applies to almost all food and contact material operations subject to notification of operations for registering.

An operator can appeal the basic charge if it has been unduly collected or if the basic charge has not been imposed without the party liable to pay it having affected this outcome.

Food Act: (external link)(external link)

More information on the basic food control charge in Finnish is available on the website of the Finnish Food Authority: link)

For the rates of the Espoo Region Environmental Health Services, visit: (external link)

Notifications to the Espoo Region Environmental Health Services on the discontinuation or interruption of operations can be submitted either through the electronic Ilppa service or via a form:

Ilppa: link)


Appeal instructions for the basic charge (in Finnish)

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