An exhibition showcasing the life's work of Mauri Kunnas to open at WeeGee Exhibition Centre in Tapiola, Espoo

9.12.2021 9.25
Mauri Kunnas.

An exhibition that is centred on the works of the internationally renowned author and artist Mauri Kunnas will open in autumn 2022 at the WeeGee Exhibition Centre. The exhibition will give the audience a chance to step inside the world of Mauri Kunnas's much loved books, as well as showcase the artist and his working methods. The exhibition will offer unprecedented and multisensory experiences for all admirers of Kunnas's works regardless of age.

Mauri Kunnas is one of the internationally best-known Finnish artists. His works have been translated into 40 languages and he has sold around 10 million books worldwide. Kunnas has received many honours, including the Pro Finlandia Medal in 2002, and he was awarded an honorary doctorate from Aalto University in 2013. Mauri Kunnas was awarded the Espoo Culture Award and the Espoo medal in 2011.

The exhibition will offer the audience experiences and refreshing encounters among the works of Mauri Kunnas. "We are proud to present the art and works of Mauri Kunnas in his home city of Espoo. The exhibition will further increase the appeal of WeeGee and the cultural services of Tapiola. In the future WeeGee will feature even more exhibits that will be interesting to an international audience. Its diverse range of exhibitionsencompasseshistory, architecture, the visual arts and design, and in autumn 2022, it will also feature literature and cartoons", notes Susanna Tommila, Cultural Director of the city of Espoo.

The Mauri Kunnas -exhibition will complement the range of museums and collections housed at the WeeGee Exhibition Centre. The architect and professor Aarno Ruusuvuori designed the building in the 1960s to be used as the printing house of the Weilin+Göös publishing company. Nowadays, the building is owned by the city of Espoo and houses the Espoo City Museum - Kamu and EMMA - Espoo Museum of Modern Art. At the moment, EMMA - Espoo Museum of Modern Art also houses the collections of the Saastamoinen Foundation and the Tapio Wirkkala Rut Bryk Foundation. Along with the exhibition showcasing the works of Mauri Kunnas, in November 2022, the WeeGee Exhibition Centre will house an exhibit featuring the collection of Collection Kakkonen at EMMA.

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