Western Uusimaa Personal Budgeting project managed to promote equality

16.11.2021 10.01Updated: 3.12.2021 10.02

The results of the Personal Budgeting in Western Uusimaa project were presented at the project’s final seminar on 15 November 2021. The pilot implemented within the project was successful, and its results meet the project’s goals of promoting equality.

From 19 April to 5 September 2021, the project operators carried out a small-scale pilot to test new, client-oriented and cost-effective mobility support services for people with disabilities. The project aimed to strengthen clients’ self-determination, inclusion and choice in the planning and implementation of services, with assistance and support flexibly available for different situations and individual needs. Clients were given the chance to try out an allowance of euros and kilometres, a routing model and car leasing.

The overall goals of the project included development work together with the clients and the cost-effective promotion of equality. Above all, the pilot was seen as a necessary one – it succeeded and yielded positive results. The new services piloted in the Personal Budgeting project significantly facilitated and equalised mobility for people with disabilities.

The observations made during the pilot included that, when clients were allowed to plan and take responsibility for using the mobility services, cost-effectiveness was also achieved. Participants would like to extend the clients’ opportunity to use the allowance model and car-leasing services.

Challenges with sparsely populated areas

One of the project’s goals was promoting the equality of mobility support services cost-effectively, even in areas with little public transport available. Achieving this goal proved to be challenging. We can encourage clients to use public transport, but the drawbacks of limited public transport in sparsely populated areas should be understood. According to the clients, their use of public transport is also influenced by the weather and matters related to accessibility.

During the project, the need for functional technical systems was also highlighted. Related to this, the illustrated instructions for the new types of services were turned into an easily readable form. The project also resulted in a workbook for professionals and a user guide for clients. 

The development of transport services will continue in cooperation with the municipalities in Western Uusimaa, as a part of the preparations for the Western Uusimaa wellbeing area.

Read The final report for the project(external link) (in Finnish)

Personal Budgeting project

The Personal Budgeting project started in November 2020. The Personal Budgeting project in Western Uusimaa focused on piloting and developing mobility support services together with clients, disability services professionals and cooperation networks. The project sought to find new, client-oriented and cost-effective services for the clients of the transport services for people with disabilities. In addition to Espoo, the project included Lohja, Kirkkonummi and the Karviainen Joint Municipal Authority.

The project received state funding for the period from 1 September 2020 to 31 December 2021. The activities are directed by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health and the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare. The pilot projects aim to create a single, nationwide model for personal budgeting. The projects are also being used to assess the need for legislative changes.


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Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (in Finnish): Pilot project for the personal budgeting of people with disabilities(external link)

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