Espoo lifts the face mask recommendation in early childhood education, schools and youth work as of 25 October

Published: 15.10.2021 7.37Updated: 11.11.2021 10.02
Photo: Taru Turpeinen

On 12 October 2021, the Ministry of Education and Culture and the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) issued new health and safety recommendations for early childhood education and schools. Based on the national guidelines, the City of Espoo has decided to end the use of masks in schools and early childhood education and when working in close contact with young people as of 25 October 2021.

Even though the general mask recommendation is lifted, mask use is still recommended in the situations specified in the mask recommendations issued for the entire capital region. It is important that people use a mask in public indoor areas if they are not fully vaccinated or have not contracted the coronavirus disease (Covid-19) within the past six months. In addition, it is recommended that everyone use a face mask indoors in situations where there are many people close to each other, such as large gatherings.

Face masks are available for the purposes described above to staff and pupils in grades 6 and above.

It is still important to ensure health and safety in all activities. Facilities must be cleaned efficiently, and people must remember to wash their hands and use hand sanitiser. Premises should be organised in a way that leaves as much space as possible for people. Maintaining safe distances and avoiding close contact prevent infections.

If guardians participate in events organised by early childhood education and schools where it is not possible to maintain safe distances, mask use is recommended. 

If clusters of infections occur, the epidemic will be tackled primarily through local and regional measures based on the Communicable Diseases Act.

On the THL website, you can find instructions on what to do if your child has symptoms of a possible coronavirus infection.(extrernal link)

Read more about the effects of the coronavirus on early childhood education, schools and youth work on the City of Espoo website.(extrernal link)

Press release by the Ministry of Education and Culture and the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL)(extrernal link): New safety recommendations during COVID-19 for early childhood education and care, educational institutions and higher education institutions highlight local measures (published on 12 October)

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