Way Finder guides you on from Tapiola metro station

2.9.2021 7.31Updated: 2.9.2021 10.57
The Way Finder service guides passengers in moving to various locations in the vicinity of Tapiola metro station.

The City of Espoo, in cooperation with various companies, carries out different experiments that promote smooth and sustainable mobility of city residents. Teaming up with Citynomadi, we have created a service that guides passengers by directing them from the metro station to various connecting traffic platforms, the cultural centre, swimming hall, Omnia and the Espoo City Theatre. This mobility experiment makes it easier for passengers to find their way once they have arrived at the metro station and gives clear route instructions.

The Way Finder service is available on the Citynomadi website at https://www.citynomadi.com/tapiola(external link). The service is free of charge. 

“Way Finder provides visitors to the Tapiola area a schedule and an estimate of the time that the trip will take, as well as an accurate estimate of the distance, whether it is 100 meters or 1.5 kilometres. At the same time, visitors can be rest assured they will make it to their destination, as every single turn of the way and floor change is clearly indicated on the map,” says Merja Taipaleenmäki, founder and CEO of Citynomadi Oy. 

The metro station Way Finder service was launched in late spring 2021 and it will remain available until the end of October. If the service is found to be useful and positive experiences are gained from its use, it can be continued and further developed. If this happens, Way Finder may be linked to connecting traffic more extensively to include, for example, numbered stops, night buses, city bike stations, electric scooter stations or locations, educational institutions and corporate premises. The service could also be extended to cover other Espoo centres and the related connecting traffic. 

The goal is to promote sustainable mobility in Espoo 

Sustainable mobility experiments contribute to Espoo’s goal of becoming carbon-neutral by 2030. With the help of the Way Finder service, we strive to reduce the need to travel short distances by car. Carefully planned transport services reduce unnecessary waiting times and idling during the waiting period. At the same time, we can also contribute to reducing the carbon footprint of both the Espoo region and its residents. Smooth use and sufficient number of parking spaces frees up the city’s construction resources for renovation, green construction and regional planning. 

Additional information: 

The experiment is a part of the Low-carbon mobility in transport hubs Six City Strategy (6Aika) project funded by the European Regional Development Fund. Transport hubs refer to hubs where various transport services are available. In addition to the City of Espoo, the project involves Business Tampere, the City of Oulu, Turku University of Applied Sciences and the City of Turku. The City of Espoo’s aims at being carbon-neutral by 2030. 

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