Towards more sustainable mobility - Sustainable Mobility Challenge for companies

9.9.2021 5.34Updated: 13.9.2021 7.14

One of the major questions of sustainable development globally, is how people move in urban settings – now and in the future. What kind of mobility habits and routines we have? What kind of shared mobility services do we utilize? What kind of vehicles we use and what kind of fuels are used in those vehicles?

Transportation forms around one third of the greenhouse gas emissions in Espoo currently, and next to the direct climate effects, the way we organize mobility has also broader effects to how we build our cities and live our daily lives. There is room, and an urgent need, for sustainable mobility solutions.

These questions of sustainable mobility are partially tackled in EU Horizon2020 funded SPARCS-project (2019-2024, link)), in which Espoo acts as one of the two Lighthouse cities together with Leipzig where new solutions are demonstrated. Concerning mobility, the project examines citizens’ diverse mobility needs, the possibilities related to the electrification of mobility and the further development of urban mobility nodes with project partners.

KONE Corporation, one of the partner companies in SPARCS, organizes a Sustainable Mobility Challenge for companies. The challenge competition seeks for innovative proposals: new solutions, ideas and business models for sustainable mobility. Major themes to tackle are related to micro mobility, shared mobility, and multimodal navigation.

More information about this challenge aimed for companies can be found on the SPARCS-project's website (in English): link).

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