A strategic sensemaking tool for SDGs in cities received broad interest at UN High Level Political Forum

Published: 10.9.2021 6.01
Photo: Heidi-Hanna Karhu

A strategic sensemaking tool for SDGs in cities helps converting identified strategic phenomena and goals into Agenda 2030 form. It is developed by the City of Espoo in collaboration with six largest cities in Finland and will be used to evaluate Espoo’s new strategy, Espoo Story.

Espoo showcased SDG sensemaking tool in a session at UN High Level Political Forum in July together with eg. NASA and EU Joint Research Centre. The sensemaking process received positive feedback.  

Cities are where great inventions of history and our time have been and continue to be made. We need to keep doing those with a focus on sustainable development and providing a good life for both people and the planet. If cities are a significant cause for local and global sustainability challenges, we need to create solutions as well. For that, Agenda 2030 and the SDGs are an excellent fit. However, from a city perspective, the big question is: How do you turn global, national or multi-national level goals, targets and indicators into an urban setting to truly serve local, regional, national and international sustainability implemented in and by cities. 

For that to happen, there must be a sensemaking process that is relevant at all levels: strategic, tactical and operative. It has to be holistic but straightforward and easy enough to follow so anyone in your organization, or your partner or citizen can do it. This is for what the SDG sensemaking tool was created. The next step is to utilize the tool in strategy processes amongst cities and develop it into software that can be scaled globally. 

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