Shared car experiment successful – the cars will remain available to Espoo residents

Published: 15.9.2021 5.47Updated: 15.9.2021 12.29
Omago's shared cars in Matinkylä.

In cooperation with Omago Oy, we experimented with regional cars in four Espoo districts. Regional cars refer to a carsharing service in which the car is returned to the same area where it was taken to use. The experiment areas were Matinkylä, Southern Leppävaara, Northern Leppävaara and Espoon keskus. The users have been satisfied with the service, so regional cars will continue to be available to Espoo residents. There are already many companies offering shared cars in Espoo.

“The regional cars experiment went well, and we got many new users for the service,” says Iiro Permikangas, COO at Omago Oy, the company providing the regional car service, summing up the results of the experiment.

Omago’s carsharing service has recently been extended to Otaniemi. “The residents have expressed wishes for the introduction of regional cars in new areas, such as Kilo and Tontunmäki. The possibilities for fulfilling these wishes will be explored in cooperation with companies,” says Mari Päätalo, Development Manager at the City of Espoo.

Omago’s carsharing experiment was part of the 6Aika: Low-carbon Mobility in Transport Hubs project funded by the European Regional Development Fund. Transport hubs refer to hubs where various transport services are available.

Parking spaces reserved for regional cars

A shared car can be parked in designated parking spaces marked with the P sign and an additional sign “Vain yhteiskäyttöautoille” (For shared cars only). Some parking areas do not have designated spaces for shared cars, so the shared car can be parked in any space in the parking area. These parking areas are marked with the additional sign “Ei koske yhteiskäyttöautoja” (Does not apply to shared cars) in connection with the P sign of the parking area. The aforementioned places can be found on the Helsinki Metropolitan Area service map(extrernal link).

All paid parking spaces of the City of Espoo are allowed for shared cars free of charge and without a time limit. There are such spaces in Matinkylä, Tapiola and Leppävaara. More information on the use of paid parking spaces is available at link)

Aiming to reduce emissions from transport

We are trying to reach carbon neutrality by 2030. Emissions from transport account for about one third of all CO2 emissions. Through various mobility experiments, we aim to contribute to the creation of new services that reduce the total amount of emissions. Shared cars allow you to give up your own car or choose not to buy one in the first place. According to research, one shared car replaces 8–25 personal cars. We therefore hope that carsharing services will become established in Espoo and offer a real alternative to owning a car.

There are currently several companies offering shared cars in Espoo. The companies currently offering shared cars under different operating principles in Espoo are e.g. Aimo Park(extrernal link)GreenMobility Finland(extrernal link) ja Omago(extrernal link),

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