New restrictions on e-scooters also enter into force in Espoo

Published: 10.9.2021 11.42

The City of Espoo and the companies renting e-scooters in Espoo have agreed on new restrictions, which were adopted at the beginning of September. The restrictions also entered into force in Helsinki and Vantaa at the same time.

E-scooters in the bike rack.Photo: Voi Technology & TIER Mobility

The new speed limits are valid until further notice. During the day, the new speed limit is 20 km/h. At night from midnight to 05:00, the new speed limit is 15 km/h.

Rules of the game in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area

In addition to the new speed limits, e-scooters are completely unavailable on weekend nights (Fri–Sat and Sat–Sun) from midnight to 05:00. The night-time ban is valid until the end of the year.

“Although the negative phenomena associated with e-scooters have so far been mostly limited to Helsinki city centre, it makes sense to create uniform rules for the entire Helsinki Metropolitan Area. We believe that this joint message between cities and operators in the form of speed limits and time restrictions is clear and sufficiently easy to understand,” says Suvi Kajamaa from the City of Espoo. “It is now the turn of those who use e-scooters to demonstrate responsibility and situational awareness. It is obvious that when riding and parking e-scooters, other people must be taken into account. The speed must be adapted to the situation, e-scooters drivers must not be intoxicated, and passengers are not allowed,” Kajamaa continues.

The new speed limits and time restrictions also aim to reduce the number of accidents involving e-scooters which, at least in Helsinki, have occurred especially on weekend nights. In Espoo, e-scooters are still less popular, so development trends are monitored and also compared to Helsinki’s figures.

Developing new practices together

There are currently three companies renting out e-scooters in Espoo: TIER, Voi and Lime. The companies voluntarily commit to new restrictions. The City of Espoo cooperates closely with the companies. This autumn, for example, various means of controlling e-scooter parking will be tested in Otaniemi.

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