Espoo’s cultural and sports services as of 1 October 2021

Published: 30.9.2021 8.50Updated: 30.9.2021 12.41
Photo: Pyry Antero / Kaupunkitapahtumat Espoo

Espoo’s sports facilities, libraries, cultural venues and museums are open. As of 1 October, more tickets will be available for events. People’s health and safety are taken into account in all our activities.

Culture: museums and libraries are open as usual, more tickets for events


Libraries are open according to their autumn opening hours. See all library opening hours at link). You can find the City Library’s events on the website.(extrernal link)

You are required to follow all coronavirus-related safety instructions given by the staff or displayed in the libraries.

City Museum

Cultural venues and events

As of 1 October, more tickets will be available for events. You can find information on events online at link).

Espoo’s cultural venues (Sello Hall(extrernal link)Espoo Cultural Centre(extrernal link)Kannusali(extrernal link)Children’s Cultural Centre Aurora(extrernal link), Vindängen(extrernal link), WeeGee(extrernal link)) provide information on their events on their websites.

The Reflektor Espoo festival will fill Keran Hallit, an old logistics centre, with light art from 7 to 10 October 2021.

Urban Espoo(extrernal link), our cultural venue online, is open 24/7.

All events comply with general hygiene requirements to improve the safety of the venues.

Tapiola Sinfonietta

The city orchestra’s concert season has already started. Additional tickets and new subscriptions to the autumn season concerts will go on sale on 6 October.

Read more about the Tapiola Sinfonietta’s concerts in the autumn.(extrernal link)

Sports: sports facilities are open

Sports facilities are open as usual. People’s health and safety are taken into account in all our activities.

Exercise groups and courses organised by Espoo’s Sports and Exercise Services

You can find the schedules for instructed exercise groups and courses at link) (in Finnish). All customers must still comply with the recommendation on the use of face masks and the guidelines on good hand and coughing hygiene. Do not attend a session if you have any symptoms of a common cold.

Indoor and outdoor sports facilities

All city-owned indoor and outdoor sports facilities are open.

Recreational activities

Recreational activities in the fields of sports and culture can be organised for people of all ages both indoors and outdoors. Competitive activities (games, matches, tournaments) can also be organised as usual.

It is still recommended that participants avoid unnecessary physical contact with each other and comply with general hygiene guidelines. It is also recommended that the composition of recreational groups remain unchanged and contact with other groups be avoided. The recommendation on the use of masks is still in force. The guidelines concerning recreational activities will be in force until further notice.

Current coronavirus-related recommendations and restrictions in Espoo.

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