Do you know Our Park?

8.9.2021 12.03

Would you like to take care of green areas in your neighbourhood and get incidental exercise by yourself or together with other interested people? In Our Park activities, you can help keep your neighbourhood in better shape than the city has resources to do.

A waterfront view from Espoo.Photo: Alina Ylimäki

During summer 2021, a survey was carried out on the Our Park project to get an overview of the viability of the project, the ideas of the park volunteers and the prospects for the future. The activities have received a lot of positive attention from both residents and city employees.

Increased comfort and safety

The Our Park project started in 2014 with 11 sites. It now covers 119 sites all over the city. The sites are diverse, including areas along the Waterfront Walkway, green areas on streets, local forests, open areas and border areas of plots. The maintenance measures range from lawn mowing to thicket thinning. Invasive species are also actively removed from the areas. The size of the areas varies from 200 square meters to 27 hectares.

The activities have been found to have a wide range of positive impacts on the environment. The maintenance measures improve the quality and cleanliness of the environment, the increased supervision reduces unauthorised measures, vandalism and disturbing behaviour, and the activities increase people’s responsibility for their environment, also providing incidental exercise. The most significant impacts are protecting valuable nature, strengthening the sense of community and ensuring that local green areas are in good condition and beautiful.

All Our Park sites will be marked with signs that make it easier to identify the locations.

Park volunteers are appreciated

New sites are often created in the vicinity of existing Our Park sites, since the activities of the park volunteers also encourage others to join in.

Other residents have a positive attitude towards the activities. A park volunteer comments: “What could be better than doing outdoor work near your home, making you feel good and giving you peace of mind as you see the results of your work immediately, and especially as you get positive feedback from passers-by.”

Apply for rewarding volunteer work!

The project is part of the Participatory Espoo development programme, which aims to facilitate participation, encourage residents to engage in local activities in a self-directed manner, and develop advocacy, democracy and decision-making. The activities result in well-maintained local green areas and provide a sense of community by doing things together.

If you are interested in taking care of your local green areas, please visit Espoon asiointipalvelu(external link) (only in Finnish or Swedish) and click the “Yleisten alueiden luvat” (Public area permits) button. In your message, tell us what you would like to do and include a few photos of the area. On the basis of your proposal, we can draw up a maintenance agreement describing the maintenance principles for the area in more detail. If you want to know more about Our Park, please e-mail us at

Apply for a maintenance permit from the city and join the eager park volunteers to make Espoo an even better place to live!

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