Recreational activities for children and young people continue at schools

Published: 27.8.2021 11.16
Photo: Taru Turpeinen

Recreational activities, such as school clubs, can continue at comprehensive and upper secondary schools in compliance with safety guidelines.

All club and recreational activities must comply with the safety guidelines issued by authorities. Sports activities must also comply with the safety guidelines issued by the Olympic Committee with regard to safe distances, hand hygiene and the use of face masks. A recreational group is a group that has an established composition and whose activities are based on advance registration. The organiser of the activity is responsible for determining and monitoring appropriate group sizes and ensuring that all other safety guidelines are followed.

Recreational activities at both comprehensive and upper secondary schools must comply with the following guidelines:

  • At primary schools, only pupils from the same school may participate in recreational groups.
  • It is recommended that instructors and young people aged 12 or older wear face masks indoors, unless they are unable to do so for health reasons. Masks do not need to be used during physical activity.
  • All forms of practice and activities must be organised in such a way that participants can avoid close contact with each other. In an indoor facility, close contact refers to people being less than two metres from each other for more than 15 minutes or to physical contact between people. In outdoor activities, close contact refers to physical contact between people, but specific safe distances are not required.
  • Group sizes should be arranged in such a way that participants can avoid close contact with each other indoors. In outdoor activities, participants must be able to avoid physical contact with each other if there are 50 or more participants.
  • Several groups can be present at the same time in large spaces, as long as there is no contact between the groups.
  • Changing rooms and shower facilities will remain open, but their use should be limited to essential use only.


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