The new website is modern and accessible

26.8.2021 15.09
It states on a mobile phone in a hand.
Photo: Minna Ögland

Our new website will improve the quality of communication. At the beginning of September, our website will move to a new, modern and more user-friendly platform that offers new functionalities to the users.

The new website has been planned together with the users of the current website and active residents. Residents wished for the website to have a good search function so that it is easy to find the city’s services, contact information and opening hours as well as city planning projects and decisions related to their area.

The new website has been developed together with Wunder Finland. It is based on a search function, as requested by residents, and there is no traditional navigation system. The new website will be entirely accessible in terms of content, visual aspects and technical features. People have been able to test the new website at We have received hundreds of responses to our beta-related survey, and one of the most common words used is “clear”.

After the launch, we will continue developing and improving the website. We would be very happy to receive any feedback from residents as our aim is to continuously develop the website in a resident-oriented manner.