Espoo’s cultural and sports services as of 20 August 2021

18.8.2021 8.07

Espoo’s libraries, sports facilities and museums remain open. Recreational activities will be organised in compliance with current restrictions.

Culture: Espoo’s libraries and museums remain open; events are organised in compliance with the restrictions


City Museum

Cultural venues and events

Tapiola Sinfonietta

Recreational activities in the field of culture

  • Recreational activities will be organised in compliance with current restrictions. Providers of basic education in the arts and other providers of recreational activities in the field of culture are instructed to comply with AVI’s guidelines. All operators must prevent close contact in customer premises and prepare a written plan on how close contact between people is prevented. This plan must be available on their premises. In other respects, they must follow the safety guidelines that have been in force since last spring, for example with regard to face masks and hygiene.


Sports: sports facilities remain open, recreational activities will continue

Sports facilities remain open and all sports will continue. Competitive activities (games, matches, tournaments) will also continue. Organisers are responsible for the safety of activities and compliance with current restrictions.

Exercise groups and courses organised by Espoo’s Sports and Exercise Services

  • Guided exercise groups and courses will start as scheduled. The number of participants will be limited so that the activities can be organised safely. A maximum of 25 people will be allowed in indoor sports facilities and a maximum of 50 people in outdoor sports facilities. In smaller indoor sports facilities, the size of the group is determined according to the available space.
  • You can find the schedules for the groups and courses at link) (in Finnish).

Indoor and outdoor sports facilities

All city-owned indoor and outdoor sports facilities will be kept open. The number of customers will be limited to no more than half of the facilities’ normal capacity.

Swimming pools

Gyms and other sports facilities

Service Centres

  • The meeting rooms and remote work and group activity facilities at the Iso Omena and Kalajärvi Service Centres can be booked for no more than half of their maximum capacity. The maximum number of people allowed is 25, no matter how large the facility. Please make sure that visitors can maintain safe distances from each other.
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