The City of Espoo does not tolerate any pressure on staff or pupils

19.8.2021 12.37Updated: 19.10.2021 8.27

Various forms of pressure related to coronavirus vaccinations, especially in health care and education, have increased as vaccinations started for 12–15-year-olds.

The City of Espoo does not tolerate any form of pressure on its staff in relation to work duties. This includes emails, Wilma messages and disruptive behaviour for example at vaccination sites.

The city also does not tolerate any pressure on pupils, teachers or nurses on school premises. It is particularly unacceptable that pressure is targeted at 12–15-year-old young people as they may feel very uncomfortable if an adult tries to exert pressure on them.

The city is responsible for the occupational well-being of its staff and for providing a peaceful school environment for all pupils. We support our staff and pupils and work together with authorities to alleviate this issue. If necessary, we will report inappropriate behaviour at our units as well as any attempts to exert pressure on our staff or pupils.

Further information: Coronavirus vaccinations at schools for 12–15-year-olds

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