Reform of Espoo’s electronic services to be launched

Published: 12.4.2021 7.55Updated: 22.10.2021 7.57

The City of Espoo considers it a priority to ensure that the daily lives of our residents run smoothly and our services are resident and client oriented. In order to serve our residents better also online, we are currently developing a new MyEspoo website. It is a self-service channel allowing clients to communicate with the city electronically and comfortably at a time of their choice.

Various services and the client’s personal information are easily found in one place on the MyEspoo website. MyEspoo also acts as a participation channel. It allows residents to participate in the development and operations of the city.

During the reform, particular attention will be paid on making the service easy to use and accessible.

“We want to ensure that an increasing number of people can, are able and willing to use the city’s electronic services. We are investing in data security and data protection both in the technical implementation and in planning the various stages of using the services,” says Kirsi Remes, Customer Service Director.

The project is launched in 2021, and the new service will be in use by 2024. The reform involves a number of stages, and everything will not be changed at once.

“We are looking to both renew our electronic services and increase their offering. The development work will also continue after the project. Espoo will also maintain the possibility for clients to use services on the phone or by visiting a service point,” Remes says.

Customers play an important role in the development of the new service

We are currently developing the MyEspoo service for our residents and other clients. For this reason, we would like to involve our clients already at the planning stage of the solution. With the help of service design, we will ensure that the service will be easy and comfortable for our clients to use.

“We will also conduct surveys and organise workshops and testing opportunities for clients throughout the project. We hope that as many people as possible will get to participate in the service development,” says Veera Vihula, MyEspoo Project Manager and Development Consultant.

In connection with the renewal, we will also develop a new digital support service model. It will allow us to support and guide Espoo residents in the use of electronic services. Clients are not alone in using electronic services, support and guidance is available from customer service, also remotely. Outside the opening hours, help is available from a chatbot based on artificial intelligence and also from a question bank. The operating model is being created in cooperation with the City of Vantaa, and clients play an important role in the development of the right kind of support model.

Share your experiences and requests – respond to our survey!

We would now like to receive our clients’ views and experiences on using electronic services and ideas on how these services should be developed. Which aspects did you like? Did something feel difficult? What would you like to see on the upcoming MyEspoo website?

Respond to the survey and help us develop better services. The survey is open until 14.5.2021.

We will draw a small Espoo-themed prize among the respondents who have left their contact information. If you would like to continue to participate in the development work, you can sign up for this in the survey. Interested parties will be invited to participate in workshops to be organised later this year. Leaving your contact information is voluntary.

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