Harmonised client plans for social services – experiment to start in autumn

21.4.2021 10.55Updated: 8.10.2021 12.09

Many of us need social services at some point in our lives. Our financial situation or general life situation may change unexpectedly, or help may be needed to support coping at home. Sometimes the need for help is momentary, and sometimes it can last longer.

The new client plan clearly describes your goals and services

When you need long-term support, social service professionals prepare a client plan with you. The client plan lists the social services you use, the goals you have in relation to your life and the kind of support you need to achieve these goals.

Previously, it may have happened that several separate or overlapping client plans were made in different services for the same person. This is about to change. In the future, everyone will have a coherent plan. For example, if you are a client of employment services and social services, we will work with you to make sure that all the services you need fit together.

No more explaining the same things over and over

With the new practices, the client plan will become better and clearer. A special advantage is that the professionals working with you will get a good overview of your situation and needs, so you do not have to explain the same things to different professionals over and over again.

“We hope that the new client plan will be a valuable everyday tool for both the client and the professional,” says Eveliina Cammarano, Project Manager from Espoo.

Experiments to start in Espoo, Lohja and Karviainen in autumn

The new operating models will first be trialled in Espoo, Lohja and Karviainen. In Espoo, adult refugee and immigrant services will participate in the experiment. In Lohja and Karviainen, new and longer-term clients of adult social services will be included in the experiment.

The experiments will continue until spring 2022. Subsequently, proven operating models will be adopted in all social services throughout Western Uusimaa. 

“In the end, it is a simple equation: the clearer the client plan, the better support we can provide and the more positive effects we can achieve together,” says Satu Meriläinen-Porras, Project Manager for the experiment in Lohja and Karviainen.

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