“Focusing on you” – Western Uusimaa Social and Health Services aim to ensure that Western Uusimaa residents are doing well

23.4.2021 10.45Updated: 8.10.2021 12.20

The brand strategy of Western Uusimaa Social and Health Services has been completed. It gives the direction in which we will develop our services. Thank you to everyone who responded to the Ideal Social and Health Services survey or provided comments along the way!

Every organisation has a reputation, a brand, that arises through services and encounters. When ‘public social and health services’ are mentioned, almost everyone has a mental image of them.

The brand strategy was created with you

We are building new kinds of social and health services and the future health and social services centre for Western Uusimaa in cooperation between ten municipalities. From the beginning, it was clear that we would build our brand strategy together with residents and staff.

That is why we first asked you what your ideal social and health services would be like. What do you hope and expect from social and health services? At the same time, we thought about what it will take for us to meet these expectations. We wanted to set our goals high and provide pleasant surprises.

The first version of the brand strategy emerged based on the surveys and background studies, and we asked for feedback in our Ideal Social and Health Services community. And we received plenty! According to the feedback, the first version was mostly good, though a little too fanciful. We do not need to be the best in the world, but the services have to work!

We read all the feedback carefully and reformulated things. Working together, we achieved a good result. 

Our brand strategy in a nutshell

The brand mission explains why we exist:

To ensure that Western Uusimaa residents are doing well.

Our brand promise to Western Uusimaa residents:

Focusing on you.

Brand values guide our daily operations:

  • Caring: Western Uusimaa Social and Health Services are easy to approach wherever, whenever and for whatever reason. We listen to our clients and care about them in every encounter. We help them forward.
  • Equal: Our services belong to everyone. We take into account different backgrounds and situations. Our services and communications are accessible, and we operate in multiple channels, in three languages. We treat our employees and clients fairly and equally. 
  • Reliable: Our specialty is top professionalism. We are the best in our field and our service is of high quality. We always have the latest knowledge and skills and appropriate technology at our disposal. You can feel safe when dealing with us. We are open and communicate transparently. You can always rely on us.

Our story binds our goals together and helps make them a reality:

Great news, Western Uusimaa resident! Every Western Uusimaa resident now plays the lead in their own lives, as themselves. At Western Uusimaa Social and Health Services, our task is to provide help and support so that your well-being, and that of your loved ones, receives the attention it deserves. Now and always! 

From Hanko to Espoo, baby to grandpa, sea to lake, country to city, in your own language. We are ten municipalities working together to build our services to ensure that Western Uusimaa residents are doing well.

Well-being is built by meeting each person as an individual. We are here to listen to and see you and your loved ones. We offer exactly the kind of support you need at every stage of your life. Face-to-face, online or at home, however you need it. 

We provide personalised and up-to-date services for families, young people, working-age people and the elderly more smoothly and extensively throughout Western Uusimaa. With joy, warmth and equality, whatever you or your loved ones need to be well in your everyday life. 

Thank you for living in sunny Western Uusimaa. We promise to pleasantly surprise you – and exceed your expectations.

“Focusing on you” challenges us to think of services in a new way

The brand strategy presents us with a positive challenge: In the future services of Western Uusimaa, we genuinely want to focus on you – the residents – and build the services accordingly.

We received some feedback suggesting that instead of focusing on superficial brand babble, we should get our services in order. In fact, this is what it was all about. We were looking for the core that will help us make the social and health services suitable, accessible and smooth for you residents. When the services of ten municipalities merge, we will need a common thread so that we can focus our efforts correctly, for your benefit.

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