Easy access to social and health services: Contact channels and guidance services reform

Published: 22.4.2021 10.50Updated: 8.10.2021 12.21

How can each of us find the social and health services we need as quickly and easily as possible? We are now developing guidance and contact methods for the Western Uusimaa social and health services so that you can get things moving quickly on the very first contact.

Social and health services can sometimes be complicated. There are a lot of services, and it can be difficult to know which number or service point can help with your case.
This is about to change. In the future, you will get the same smooth service wherever you live in Western Uusimaa and whether you talk to us in a chat, on the phone or at a service point.

“In practice, this means that you will get a solution to your case at the first contact, or at least find out how it will proceed. The next steps will not be left to you to investigate, but instead will be taken care of by the staff,” says Project Manager Maiju Haltia-Nurmi

Smooth service through many channels

The package under work includes all telephone services, digital services used independently, interactive remote services, such as remote consultation, and service points where you can come without an appointment. The most important thing about the new services is that you can easily find the information you need and the contact channel that suits you.

“You do not need to come in person if you find a solution through other channels,” says Haltia-Nurmi.

In the autumn, an experiment will start with a digital clinic chat service, which will provide personal service in matters requiring urgent treatment. You can use the services of the digital clinic safely by authenticating yourself with your online banking credentials, certificate card or mobile ID. In the future, the chat services can be expanded, and video calls and other electronic services may also be added to the offering.

The new electronic services will reduce the congestion of telephone services. This will also help ensure faster service on the phone.

Social and health services in new places?

In the Ideal Social and Health Services community, we recently asked you residents about new places we could bring social and health services to. Your responses mentioned libraries, Service Centres, Service Points, school facilities, youth centres, parks and circulating buses. We are currently summarising the responses.

In the autumn, we will try out new contact channels and guidance services comprehensively for different client groups.

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