Smart and Clean - Collaborative Kera

The ‘Smart and Clean – Collaborative Kera’ project was an urban development project coordinated by the City of Espoo. Through new partnerships, cooperation and operations models, the project supported the creation of the Kera city district that is based on carbon-neutral circular economy.

The project was implemented with ERDF funding from the structural funds programme ‘Sustainable growth and jobs 2014–2020’, granted by the Helsinki-Uusimaa Regional Council. The project period was 1 March 2022–31 March 2023.

In one of Espoo’s most extensive regional development projects, the old industrial and logistics area Kera will be transformed into a sustainable and carbon-neutral residential and working area that is based on circular economy and has room for at least 14,000 residents. The area is based on private land ownership and the sustainability transition will be implemented in cooperation with the local landowners, builders and other development partners. 

During Kera’s period of transformation, the project’s aim was, through operations models and concrete experiments to be created in the project, to support the introduction of community spirit and sustainable lifestyle in the area. Furthermore, we solidified Kera’s significance as a piloting platform that can be used to test and deploy climate-neutral solutions of the circular economy. The development measures included things such as starting a development forum for companies, surveying the possibility of temporarily utilising Kera’s empty premises and creating a meeting place for the purpose of experiments and communication.   

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