Kera is built together

Co-creation is a new way of building a city.

Photo: Pintaliitodesign

Together with residents, landowners, companies and other development partners, we are developing an international example of a smart city and circular economy. Co-creation refers to the equal and networked work of different actors to achieve a common goal.

The networked, multilateral way of working and organising enables better management of complex entities and a better ability to respond to new kinds of competence and cooperation needs than the traditional bilateral approach. Key principles include trust, shared goals and commitment to the goals, working for the best of the project, equality, sharing and transparency of information, joint decision-making, learning, joint evaluation and development of operating practices, and sufficient resources.

The aim is to together make Kera a comfortable, safe and clean district based on a circular economy, where new energy solutions, forms of mobility and urban food production will be created into a living urban environment, for example. Kera’s transformation from an old industrial area to a new city district enables experimentation with sustainable solutions and a new kind of cooperation, where the city is built together from the beginning. Kera is an opportunity for cooperation, learning and growth at the forefront of future urban development.

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