Our Espoo 20X0 – Workshop for forging the future together

What do you want to see in the city of the future? What will our homes, mobility and lives look like in 20X0? What kind of future do we want for Espoo?

The workshop was aimed at everyone interested in the future of Espoo. No prior knowledge or special expertise was required – personal experiences and dreams regarding Espoo were enough.  

The workshop was carried out using the Futures Frequency method developed by Sitra. To start off, we examined the development, choices and coincidences that have made Espoo the city we all know today. While doing so, we also thought about all the different things affecting the shaping of Espoo’s future.  

Next, we envisioned a desirable future for Espoo a few decades from now. What kind of good aspects are there in the present that we would like to strengthen in the future? What needs to change to make for a better future – and for whom? What kind of surprises could occur along the way? 

The results of the workshop will be utilised in the city planning of Espoo, sustainable development work and the development of Espoo Adult Education Centre’s range of studies.  

The workshop was held on Tuesday 12 April at 17:00–20:00 at Omnia’s premises in Leppävaara (Upseerinkatu 11). 


Espoo turns 50!

The Our Espoo 20X0 events also celebrated Espoo’s 50-year history as a city. Come and join the shared celebrations that will continue throughout the year!
Visit the website showcasing the events of Espoo’s 50th anniversary year.