Our Espoo 20X0 – Workshop to forge the future together

In the workshop, we will envision a desirable future and look for paths to reach it. The workshop will be carried out as contact events in Leppävaara, and they will be held in Finnish. The workshop will last for three hours, and participants will be required to attend from the beginning to the end of the workshop. Due to the corona situation 25.1. the planned workshop has been canceled and merged into one on 12.4. workshop.

What do you want to see in the city of the future? What will our homes, mobility and lives look like in the different parts of Espoo in 20X0? 

The workshop will give you the chance to envision together with other residents of Espoo. We will use the Futures Frequency method developed by Sitra. The results of the workshop will be used in Espoo’s planning and to improve the opportunities for residents to participate. 

Workshop participants will be required to attend from start to finish, so please make sure that you have enough time, a snack and the opportunity to focus on working together. The event is aimed at everyone interested in the future of Espoo. 

The workshop will be held at Omnia’s premises in Leppävaara.  The event is carried out when the coronavirus situation allows.

Sign up for the events on Omnia’s Ilmonet.fi website. (external link)

Workshop 12.4: https://ilmonet.fi/course/E220922(external link)