If you are a property owner or holder, you may apply for urban planning for your property under certain conditions. However, always discuss any changes to the plans or the launching of local detailed planning for the area and the appropriateness of the project with the architect responsible for the area in question at Espoo’s Urban Planning Department. 

The local detailed plan or plan amendment must be applied for with a planning application. The application form is available as an attachment under ‘files to be downloaded’. You can fill in and submit your application electronically. You may also print the form yourself and submit your application on paper.

If the local detailed plan or plan amendment is mainly required for private interests and drawn up at the initiative of the owner or holder of the property, the municipality is entitled, under section 59 of the Land Use and Building Act, to charge the costs of drawing up and processing the plan from the petitioner. The planning application contains a commitment to pay these costs.

The planning application must be accompanied by the following documents:

  • an account of the property's right of ownership or possession (such as a registration of title)
  • an extract from the Trade Register indicating the power of signature (applies to e.g. housing companies, companies and associations)
  • housing companies must also provide an extract from the minutes of the general meeting indicating the matter and, if necessary, the name of the person with the authority to apply for the plan amendment
  • if necessary, a power of attorney

Submit the completed application with attachments to the City of Espoo Registry (P.O. Box 1, 02070 City of Espoo or kirjaamo@espoo.fi).