General terms of use for time slots at the sports facilities of City of Espoo Sports and Exercise Services

These terms of use apply to all time slots at sports facilities that are managed by the reservations unit of the City of Espoo Sports and Exercise Services.

During the application period, applications for time slots are submitted through the online reservation calendar where they are processed electronically. Decisions on granted time slots and the related documents are sent to the applicants by email. If a prospective user applies for a time slot through the online system outside the application period, they will receive a confirmation for the time slot granted to them, including the name of the facility, the date and time of their time slot and the hourly price. The time slot granted to a customer will be deemed to have been accepted, unless the customer cancels it in accordance with the terms of use.

When applying for and accepting a time slot, the user agrees to comply with the terms of use and the rules of the sports facility. If the user fails to comply with the terms of use, they may lose their time slot.


The group that has been granted a time slot is obliged to pay a fee that is specified in the current price list. Fees for time slots are invoiced afterwards, at the beginning of the following month. If the fees are not paid by the due date, Sports and Exercise Services has the right to cancel the time slot in question, in addition to carrying out debt collection. Sports and Exercise Services may also decide not to grant the user new time slots if the user has not paid all fees for their previous time slots at sports facilities.

If a user does not use their time slot and fails to inform Sports and Exercise Services within the cancellation period, see cancellation of time slots or if a time slot, is used without permission and without a reservation, the city will charge a fee for the time slot in accordance with price group 1.

Time slot users

The users are not allowed to give their time slot or any parts of the facility to a third party. If two users agree on switching time slots with each other, they both need to send an email about the switch to in order to keep the reservation calendar up to date.

A responsible person who is 18 or older must be present during the time slot. During self-supervised time slots this person is responsible for the required access tag and key. A signature is required when picking up and returning access tags and keys. Access tags and keys must not be given to outsiders.

There are separate principles and cleaning instructions for self-supervised time slots at school premises. Users will also have to sign a commitment to self-supervision.

Use of facilities and equipment

The users can also use the changing and shower rooms of the sports facility during their time slot. An event organiser may also be charged for the other spaces in the building if they have to be closed to other users due to the event.

The users can enter the changing and shower rooms or other connected areas 15 minutes before their time slot, and they must leave the premises within 30 minutes after their time slot has ended. Sports facilities may also have their own instructions and opening hours that users must comply with.

The users have to adapt their activities to suit the facility in question. In other words, they may only do such sports activities that are suitable for the space. The users can use the basic equipment that is available at the facility, for example goals, large gymnastics mats, other gymnastics equipment and nets. Users will have to contact the staff of the sports facility to agree on the use of the equipment in more detail. All pieces of equipment must be used appropriately and returned to their correct places. All equipment storage rooms must be kept tidy. If a piece of equipment breaks or some part of the facility is damaged, the user will immediately have to inform the staff of the facility or send an email to The user is liable for any damage they cause.

Users have to respect the time slots granted, and the facility must be empty before the next time slot begins. As an exception, certain game events may be played until the very end. No one is allowed to enter indoor sports facilities without reserving a time slot. Indoor sports facilities are only intended for sports. If a user wishes to use a facility for other purposes, they will have to send an email to to agree on this before applying for a time slot.

The facilities are equipped with alarm systems that are switched on and off according to the users’ time slots. If a user activates an alarm on purpose or by accident, for example by entering a space that is not available to users, the user is liable for the related costs.

All users must behave appropriately and follow the staff’s instructions. During selfsupervised time slots, the users are responsible for making sure that the doors are closed if there is no staff present. The users are also responsible for making sure that outsiders do not enter the premises. All premises must be clean and tidy after each time slot. If the facility needs additional cleaning due to the user’s activities, the user will be invoiced for the cleaning costs. The user must also inform the staff of the facility or send an email to if they notice anything out of the ordinary at the facility. 

If maintenance work is required between time slots due to weather or the condition of the sports field, the area must be empty of people during this work. If the users refuse to leave the area after being asked to do so, the maintenance work will not take place.

Cancellation of time slots

If a user needs to cancel their time slot, they need to do this no later than 14 days before the intended time slot by sending an email to In this case, they will not have to pay a fee for the time slot. Users can cancel their time slot applications through the online reservation system if the reservations unit has not yet processed them. A user can also use the calendar to cancel an individual time slot up to 14 days before the date of the time slot.

Special conditions relating to self-supervising

New users of the self-supervising school are only granted standard time slots with a duration of at least one season. Single or shorter time slots are only granted to supervised schools.

When you book an unsupervised session, you will assume responsibility for all duties performed by the so-called evening supervisor, as the facility will be unattended during your session.

At the time of booking your unsupervised regular session, you will need to appoint a named adult to assume responsibility for supervising the sessions and maintaining general order and cleanliness. Additional one-off sessions are only available to organizations already using the school on an unsupervised basis. Unsupervised sessions are not available at all schools.

The club/user undertakes that the schools' premises and equipment will be used appropriately and that the schools maintain order when extracurricular use. The club has the right to use the space granted to the sports facility as well as showers, changing rooms, toilets and the entrance ways to the facility. The right to use other premises must be sought from

The club / user undertakes to perform the following tasks during extracurricular use of the school premises:

- supervises the property, movable property and order of the premises and ensures that the allocated equipment are used for the purpose for which they were granted,

- inspect the premises after shifts and record the damage and report it to the school principal and the sports complex's booking at

- take care of cleaning the premises they use (see section on cleaning instructions)

- guides and monitors users and ensures that users return property to their locations,

- locks windows and front doors, turns off the lights and ensures that no one stays in the premises after the end of the time slots

- The person in charge is the last to leave school after afore mentioned tasks are done.


Hand over the key

The keys are signed at a pre-agreed time. The user agrees to use the school key appropriately. The key is handed over to the responsible person against receipt. The key must not be handed over to third parties. The person in charge has to return the key immediately back to the school or to exercise and sports unit. For a key that hasn’t been returned, exercise and sports have the right to charge a fee to cover the costs of a new key and the extra time spent on the work.

Liability for the performance of tasks and in case of damage

The user undertakes to perform the above tasks carefully. If the user significantly violates the tasks or repeatedly neglects to complete the tasks, the user loses his shift at the school. The user is obliged for compensation for damages caused by neglect of data or other negligence. It is recommended that the user has liability insurance in this regard.

Other terms and conditions

Notice! You are also required to notify the school well in advance if you need to use equipment or furniture, including tables and chairs, that are not provided as standard.

The City of Espoo will notify you of any changes to the time slots (e.g. holiday periods). The City of Espoo is not responsible for the user's property left in the premises. In addition to the Tobacco Act, the buildings and related yard areas comply with the Espoo City Board's decision of 15.6.2010 on "Smoke-free Espoo". Alcohol may not be consumed in sports facilities managed by the City of Espoo.


When you book an unsupervised session, you will be responsible for cleaning the sports hall and other adjoining facilities either before the start of your session or following the end of your session, depending on whether the school’s own cleaning team will be in attendance in the morning or in the afternoon before the start of evening access.

You will be expected to take particular care with tidying and cleanliness during the weekend, as the school’s own cleaning team will not be in attendance. If cleaning equipment is not available, please contact the City of Espoo’s Sports and Exercise Services.


Penalties for non-compliance

If you trigger an alarm during your session, including by accessing restricted areas, you will be charged the full cost of the call out.

In the event that you fail to lock the doors during your session and or fail to secure them at the end of your session, you will be issued with a warning. A second failure to do this will lead to your session being withdrawn for a period of one month. In the event of a third failure to secure the premises appropriately, your session will be withdrawn for one year or permanently.

For further information on unsupervised sessions, please contact: