Espoo City Theatre

Espoo City Theatre is also the International Theatre of Finland and the only professional theatre intended for adults in Espoo. The theatre’s programme consists of its own productions and both Finnish and international guest performances

Website of the Espoo City Theatre(external link)

Theatre Hevosenkenkä

Theatre Hevosenkenkä, founded in 1975, is a professional theatre that uses the forms of puppet and musical theatre in various ways. The theatre’s main target group are children aged 2 to 12. The theatre is located in Juhannusmäki, Espoo. The theatre building – an idyllic school building from 1899 – has been renovated and expanded to be an ideal setting for child audiences

Website of the Theatre Hevosenkenkä(external link)

Unga Teatern

Unga Teatern, previously known as Skolteatern, was founded as a touring children’s and young people’s theatre as early as 1960. It is the oldest theatre for children and young people in Finland. In 1985, the theatre received a fixed stage from Espoo. Over the years, Unga Teatern has become well-known for its performances, the humanism of which speaks to audiences of all ages

Website of Unga Teatern(external link)

Dance Theatre Glims & Gloms

Glims & Gloms is an award-winning dance theatre from Espoo, the artistic goal of which is to produce performances with touching comedy, surprising humour and uplifting dance. The theatre aims its performances at a wide audience – children, young people and adults.

Website of Glims & Gloms(external link)

Theatre Taimine

Theatre Taimine, founded in 2002, is a touring theatre for children and young people. Taimine holds performances at daycare centres, comprehensive schools and upper secondary schools. The theatre produces new drama scripts for children and young people living in the Finnish reality. The theatre consisting of professionals performs for 45,000 spectators every year, primarily in Finland, but also in other Nordic countries.

Website of Taimine(external link)

TOTEM Theatre

TOTEM Theatre is an Espoo-based professional theatre founded in 1986. The theatre’s main form of operating is touring in the lower stages of comprehensive schools in Espoo and elsewhere in Finland. The performances of TOTEM Theatre are aimed at children aged 6–12 years, and they are implemented in both Finnish and Swedish.

Website of the TOTEM Theatre(external link)

Kino Tapiola

Kino Tapiola is a premiere cinema that mainly selects the best of European and Finnish cinema into its programme. Located in Tapiola, Espoo, Kino Tapiola is one of the few old-fashioned cinemas in the Metropolitan Area that remains in its original form, protected on the basis of cultural heritage values. In Kino Tapiola, the stylish 1950s appearance renovated with reverence meets the latest performance technology.

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