Basic Education in the Arts

Basic education in the arts is goal-oriented education proceeding from level to level, offered primarily for children and young people.

Basic education in the arts provides students with the capacity to express themselves through art and continue their studies in their chosen art form in vocational education. Basic education in then arts is organised according to general and advanced syllabi. People can attend during early childhood education, comprehensive school or later.

In Espoo, basic education in the arts is provided for all subjects of basic art education; architecture, fine arts, craft art, media art, music, literary art, circus art, dance, and theatre arts.

There are 19 educational institutions of basic education in the arts in Espoo. Below you can find links to educational institutions providing basic education in the arts and information about which art forms you can study at the institutes, for whom the education is intended, and how you can attend the education. The education is subject to a fee. There are also discounts and free places available.

Basic education in the arts in Espoo



Theatre and circus arts


Visual arts and handicrafts

Literary art

Media arts