Director of Basic Education

Superintendents of schools

Leena Lakovaara

Superintendent of Schools (Espoonlahti)+358 43 8255102

Kaisa Alaviiri

Superintendent of Schools (Central and Northern Espoo)+358 43 8254965

Kari Kotiniemi

Superintendent of Schools (Leppävaara)+358 50 5253687

Sariminna Solala

Superintendent of Schools (Matinkylä-Olari and Tapiola)+358 43 8254966


Muusa Kostilainen

Communications Specialist+358 40 6343561

Finnish Basic Education Unit


Kirsi Antikainen

Secretary+358 40 1986343

Secretary of  the Director of Basic Education, arrangements for the professional development courses of teachers and principals.

Petra Bilund

Secretary+358 40 6394167

Secretary of the Superintendents of Shcools

Education Support

Special education services

+358 40 6343332

Support for learning and school-going, applying for special support, decision-making, advice.

Please contact primarily the principal of the school in matters of special education.

For information on special education services, you can contact our education planners via email and by phone from Tuesday to Thursday between 13:00 and 15:00, tel. +358 40 6343332

Guidance in special education services is currently congested, so responses may take longer than usual. Please contact us primarily by email. 

Marjo Backström

School transportation and transportation benefits+358 43 8257609

School transportation

Afternoon activities

Guidance and applications for afternoon activities

Outi Karpasuo

Coordinator+358 43 8255541

Morning, afternoon and holiday care for disabled and autistic children

Mona Feodoroff

Coordinator+358 40 5223342

Afternoon activities, special aids

Erika Krusius

Afternoon Activities Planner

Multicultural Education Services

Giedre Soinio

Manager of Multicultural Education Services+358 46 8771312

Ilham Hamdouni

Coordinator+358 46 8773293

Pupil admission to preparatory education for basic education and guidance

Sheena Kopsala

Planner+358 40 6365483

Coordination for pupils' own mother tongue instruction

Päivi Kakko

Planner+358 43 8273103

Advice on preparatory education for basic education for immigrants (7-9), group-based fixed-term education for immigrants (grades 7-9) and linguistically aware education

Sanna Voipio-Huovinen

Planner+358 50 3255729

Advice on preparatory education for basic education for immigrants (grades 1-6), Finnish as a second language education, group-based fixed-term education for immigrants (grades 3-6) and teachers in-service training

Tiina Nenye

Planner+358 40 6393606

Religion and ethnic studies

Abdulkadir Abshir

Cultural instructor+358 46 8773292

Cultural instructor in Somali.

Abla El Ouahabi

Cultural instructor+358 43 8273378

Cultural instructor in Arabic.

Manuchehr Salimi

Cultural instructor+358 43 8253846

Cultural instructor in Persian (Dari/Farsi) and Kurdish (Sorani).

Yuliia Korniushyna

Cultural instructor+358 40 6342980

Cultural instructor in Ukrainian.

Administrative Services

Tero Latvala

Manager of Administrative Services+358 43 8265256

Sara Raitala

Coordinator+358 40 5070817

Enrolment in comprehensive school (grades 1-6) and school admission

Noora Järvi

System Planner+358 40 6369154

Enrolment in comprehensive school (grades 7-9) and school admission

Jemina Sirviö

Expert of Pupil Administration+358 43 8265234

Directives, alignments and decisions, requests for pupil catchment rectifications

Teea Kankaanpää

Education planner+358 43 8268412

Support for schools and coordination of assessment in basic education, insurance and compensation for damages

Hanna Selesniemi

Education planner+358 40 6369496

Support for schools and coordination of assessment in basic education, insurance and compensation for damages

Jani Ahvenainen

System Specialist+358 40 5067601

Primus-Wilma-Kurre systems development

Jyri Welling

Digital planner+358 40 6343022

Primus-Wilma-Kurre systems development

Samuli Hurskainen

System Specialist+358 40 6343681

Primus-Wilma-Kurre systems development