The City Archives

The City Archives stores documents on operations of the City of Espoo. The City Archives also accepts local area archives and archives from private persons, for example communities in Espoo.

The most often requested documents kept in the City Archives are copies of school certificates, construction drawings, maternity and child health clinic documents, school health care documents, and older decisions made by city bodies.  

The minutes of the meetings of the Espoo City Council, City Board and other city bodies are also kept in the City Archives. Documents from municipal decision-making bodies, such as the municipal assembly, are available starting from 1867. The oldest document stored by the City Archives is a 1756 registration of ownership included in the Träskända Manor archives.

Private archives kept by the City Archives for example include archives of Espoo-based associations and private road maintenance associations. The City Archives has some 7 kilometres of bookshelves for materials that are in permanent or long-term storage.