Espoo offers versatile options for weighted-curriculum education.

The pupil has an opportunity to apply for weighted-curriculum education from all Espoo areas. An application for weighted-curriculum education can be submitted using the application form on Wilma or, if necessary, using a paper form. The teaching of a pupil admitted to weighted-curriculum education will take place exclusively at the school to which they are admitted.

Pupils admitted to these forms of education are not entitled to school transport subsidy. The pupil's younger sister or brother does not have a sibling basis to be selected in the same school when enrolling to a local school.  

Beginning from the first grade

Beginning from the first grade, the pupil has an opportunity to apply for montessori education and foreign-language education: English-language education, bilingual education (Finnish-English) and Swedish-language immersion education. 

Beginning from the 3rd and 7th grade

There are versatile options for weighted-curriculum education in mathematics and natural sciences, music, dance, sports, sports and activity (URHEA), information technology, visual arts and in performing arts from the seventh grade.

Beginning from the third grade, the pupil has an opportunity to apply for weighed-curriculum education in mathematics and natural sciences or music. 

More information on applying

Sara Raitala

Secretary of Pupil Administration040 507 0817

Enrolment in comprehensive school (grades 1-6) and school admission

Noora Järvi

System Planner040 636 9154

Enrolment in comprehensive school (grades 7-9) and school admission