New treat for Easter: Fruity mämmi and yoghurt mousse

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13.4.2022 12.46
Fruity mämmi and yoghurt mousse

Easter is at the door!

Sure signs of approaching Easter include chocolate eggs and mämmi, the traditional Finnish Easter dessert, at your home. If you are not a fan of mämmi in its traditional form, no need to worry! Espoo Catering's product developer Ville has an easy and tasty solution for you:

Cardamom-flavoured fruity mämmi and yoghurt mousse

4 to 6 portions:

200 g vanilla sauce that can be whipped

200 g Turkish yoghurt

150 g mämmi

2 tbsp sugar

3 g cardamom

150 g tropical fruit purée (e.g. Bonne)

For decorating:

whipped vanilla sauce


1. Whip the vanilla sauce. Add yoghurt, mämmi, sugar and cardamom. Stir until smooth.

2. Put the mämmi and yoghurt mousse and tropical fruit purée (or any other fruit purée) in layers in drinking glasses.

3. Top off with whipped vanilla sauce and cardamom.