MyEspoo will bring the city’s e-services together

  • City of Espoo
26.11.2021 14.12

This article has originally been published in the Espoo Magazine 4/2021. Read other articles in the Espoo Magazine 4/2021

Espoo has launched the development of a new MyEspoo website. The site will provide easy access to the city’s various services through a single self-service portal where customers can also check their own information. MyEspoo will also provide a channel for participation. It will enable residents to participate in the development of the city’s services.

The MyEspoo service will be introduced by 2024, as its development involves several stages that will take some time to complete. Competitive tendering to select a supplier for the technical solution will be launched at the beginning of next year. Customers will also be involved in the development work. During the course of the process, the city will conduct surveys and organise workshops and testing opportunities for customers.

“We want to both upgrade our e-services and increase our offering. However, many residents are concerned about how they will manage their affairs when everything moves online. That’s why it’s important for Espoo to retain the possibility for customers to handle their affairs over the phone or in person at service points. We will also invest in digital support so that customers will not be left alone when using our e-services – support and advice will still be available. We will also be offering digital support remotely,” says Customer Service Director Kirsi Remes.