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23.9.2022 10.47
Event Coordinator Jussi Hietala

Event Coordinator Jussi Hietala wants to be involved in developing the city’s event offering, which in his opinion should be versatile and serve the needs of all residents. Hietala works at City Events Espoo, which is part of Espoo’s Event and Cultural Services.

“My work mainly consists of coordinating and communicating about events aimed at residents. During a normal working day, I contact operators and persons in different fields, organise things, and enable events,” he summarises.

A busy theme year

When Jussi took on his current position as a substitute event coordinator last year, the first order of business was to start planning the Espoo – 50 years as a City theme year. The coordination group had participants from every sector of the city.

“This year has given us the opportunity to showcase the city’s basic activities and diversity through a variety of events,” Jussi says.

The theme year can also be acknowledged in small ways as part of everyday activities. For example, children in day care centres have done crafts related to the anniversary year.

A source of inspiration

When describing his duties, Jussi sees himself as an enabler.

“We aim to offer Espoo’s residents inspiration and experiences in their hometown. Espoo Day, celebrated in the last weekend of August, is a good example: the activities of the day are organised by residents and communities. Our job is to coordinate the event and make it possible,” Jussi explains.

Jussi would like to continue working in development, even after his year-long post as a substitute event coordinator ends.

“I love the idea of developing Espoo into an even better event city – we have all that it takes. One of the development programmes for the current council term – Events Together in Espoo – is dedicated to the cause.

Feedback from residents is rewarding.

“It feels good to have a successful event and to receive positive feedback from a pleased resident.”

During Espoo’s 50th anniversary year, Jussi has also worked as a roadie. In the picture, equipment is being hauled to Marketanpuisto, the site of Järvenperän Juhlakarnevaali on 23 August.

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Text: Susanna Haanpää, photos: Juho Kuva. The text is abbreviated from an article published in the City of Espoo personnel magazine Espressi 3/2022.

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