Where can I find a job?

Here are some tips on where to find a job.

Follow job search sites

Follow vacancies on job search sites. Set up a search alert for any positions you are interested in. New jobs become available every day.

Create a job – become an entrepreneur

Business Espoo offers free advice and sparring to those thinking about entrepreneurship or light entrepreneurship. Advice is given in Finnish, Swedish, English, Russian and Chinese. Make an appointment for personal business advice(external link).

Attend recruitment event

Almost every week we organise recruitment events where companies in the capital region look for employees. You can talk to employers and maybe even have a job interview right away.

See recruitment events

Find a hidden job

Not all jobs are listed publicly. Follow employers’ websites and social media channels.  If you find an interesting employer, boldly contact them via social media or call. Send the employer an open application and ask if they are about to open jobs for application.


Tell your friends and acquaintances you are looking for a job. Mention your job search in social media. It often happens that a job is found through networks and personal contacts.

Try seasonal work

Seasonal work is short-term work that lasts only part of a year.  Seasonal jobs include changing tyres on cars (autumn and spring), picking berries and vegetables (summer), roof snow removal (winter) and retail sales assistant work (Christmas). Seasonal work is a good way to gain work experience or try a new profession.

If you are unable to find a job, you may need new skills or other help in finding a job. See what other ways to get into work there are.