Matinkylän monitoimitalo / nuorisotila

Matinkylä community center aka Monari is an open meeting space for the youth, where youth instructors are present just for you. You can come over just to hang out and have a chat, or to participate in any of the many functions we have; arts and crafts, billiard, table tennis and gaming either on PS or PC. Monari is a safe place where you can spend your free time. We are a drug- and alcohol-free space. Down here you get to participate in planning our activities, so come on and give us your ideas about what you would like to do in Monari! Welcome!

Contact information

Matinkylän monitoimitalo / nuorisotilaMatinraitti 17,02230 Espoo+358 50 345

Postal address:P.O. Box 3382, 02070 Espoo

Opening hours friday klo 14-16:15 13-17v. wednesday-thursday klo 17-21, friday klo 17-22 and saturday klo 16:15-21:45.

Contact persons

Nuorisonohjaajat +358 50 345 4159

Matinkylä-Olari-Tapiolan alueen palveluvastaava Harri Liikala +358 40 636 9631

Pickin up keys +358 50 345 4159


Nuorisotilojen tilavaraus

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Instagram(external link)

Snapchat: matinkylamonar1

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