Auroran koulu

We provide basic education for Grades 1-6 and special education classes for children with specific language impairment. There are altogether 370 pupils in our school. Our core mission is to support the children's learning in various ways so that they achieve good basic knowledge and skills. Our special emphasis is on art education and children's culture, including music, sports and all kinds of self-expression. Besides our annual theatre projects, the pupils are offered a wide range of siesta clubs (theatre, band, choir, etc.) and elective subjects to choose from. Our school also actively participates in the "Schools on the Move" national action programme. Our pupils begin their foreign language studies (A1 language) on Grade 1, choosing between English or Chinese. As a second foreign language (A2 language), starting on Grade 4, they can choose from English, Chinese or Swedish.

Contact information

Auroran kouluLippajärventie 44,02940 Espoo+358 9 8164

Postal address:P.O. Box 3507, 02070 ESPOO CITY

Contact persons

Principal Hanna Ylimaula +358 50 353 4540

apulaisrehtori Sanni Ramm-Schmidt +358 40 639 4465

Koulusihteeri Minna Eloranta +358 9 8164 0485


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