FAQ about ski tracks and ice-skating fields

When is our local ice-skating field resurfaced? When are ski tracks maintained? Could you bring more benches to ice-skating fields? We have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions about ski tracks and ice-skating fields.

Ice-skating fields:

  • You can find information on the condition of ice-skating fields on the ulkoliikunta.fi(external link) website, where our maintenance staff provide up-to-date information.
  • We have approximately 70 ice-skating fields to be maintained. Each morning, our staff start their maintenance rounds from a different field. This helps us ensure fairness so that it is not always the same fields that are maintained first.
  • Our staff will not turn the lights on or bring goals and benches to the fields until they are in usable condition.
  • Snow removal and resurfacing are done on a daily basis depending on the weather conditions (temperature, rain). 
  • Ice-skating fields will be resurfaced at least until the end of February. Our staff will continue to remove snow from the fields until mid-March or as long as the weather permits.
  • Tour / long-distance skating is allowed on all fields, but we recommend the Tapiola Ice Garden as it is in the form of a loop. A longer track will be created in Oittaa when the weather and ice conditions are suitable. If you decide to skate on the track, you will do so at your own risk.

Ski tracks:

  • Information on the condition of ski tracks is available on the ulkoliikunta.fi(external link) website. There may sometimes be delays in the updating of information, but the staff in charge of our ski tracks do their best to provide up-to-date information. You can also find good tips on the Facebook page (facebook.com/Latutilanne(external link)) where skiers share information with each other.
  • A mechanically created track requires a LOT of snow. A 10-centimetre layer of snow will only provide a 1-centimetre base for the track once compacted.
  • After snowfalls, if good weather continues, we can have most of the ski tracks in good condition in 1–3 days. We have more than 200 kilometres of tracks to be maintained, so it may take more than 3 days to complete certain sections
  • During a snowy winter, we get many requests for (local) ski tracks, and we always forward these requests to the team responsible for the maintenance of outdoor sports facilities. We will fulfil these requests whenever possible.
  • We do not offer real-time monitoring of ski track machines because the machines may go through a specific section several times before the track is usable. Furthermore, sometimes the machines are only preparing the base, not the actual tracks.
  • If the lights are not working in an area, we will immediately inform the electricity company responsible for lighting.
  • After replacing the lighting, the fitness trails in Leppävaara, Kalajärvi, Hanikka and Oittaa now have a remote control system. The tracks in these locations are illuminated until 23:00. In Oittaa, the lighting works throughout the night thanks to a motion sensor system. For the time being, the other tracks are illuminated until 22:00.
  • We receive a lot of requests for skate skiing trails, but often it is not possible to create a safe trail due to the width and profile of the routes. Skate skiing trails are usually only made on one-way fitness trails and on routes with enough space for a safe two-way trail.
  • Walking on and damaging a groomed track is forbidden, but it is also important to pay attention to other people while skiing. In some places, ski tracks are intersected by pedestrian paths, so other people may cross the tracks.
  • There are routes intended for both walkers and skiers in Central Park and Leppävaara, for example.
  • Dog skijoring This winter, people can go skiing with their dogs on the Gumböle golf course trail without any time restrictions. If there is enough natural snow, the dog trail will also come to Latokaski Meadow.
  • We often receive questions concerning skiing directions and signs. We added more route and direction signs in the spring and summer of 2021.

In addition to questions, requests and criticism, we receive a great deal of positive feedback. Thank you!