Health&Greenspace - wellbeing from urban nature

Espoo takes part in the URBACT cooperation project, which focuses on supporting the well-being and health of Espoo residents through the design and maintenance of the city’s blue-green infrastructure.  Blue-green infrastructure refers to the network of green areas and connections within the city. The term includes all areas covered by vegetation regardless of the planning situation or land ownership. In a city at the seaside, water areas also play a major role in the network of green areas. 

The City of Espoo’s Integrated Action Plan for health-responsive planning and management of blue-green infrastructure will be prepared within the framework of the Health&Greenspace project. The plan will collect together ways of maximising the health benefits of urban vegetation and green and recreational areas while minimising health hazards. The City of Espoo will participate in the project between 2019 and 2022. 

Espoo’s Integrated Action Plan will cover all four main themes of the project, namely: 

  • mitigating the effects of summer heat waves, 

  • improved air quality and noise control, 

  • benefits of green areas on the mental well-being and physical activity of city residents, 

  • green areas as a part of the urban lifestyle and social interaction. 

The URBACT programme is co-funded by the European Union. URBACT is a European exchange and learning programme promoting sustainable urban development. Read more on the URBACT Health&Greenspace(extrernal link) project website. In Espoo, the project is managed by the Espoo Environment and Building Control Department

Location and checkpoints of Olari health nature trail:

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