Demolition permit and notice of demolition

A demolition permit is required for the demolition of a building or part thereof. A permit is not required for the demolition of an outbuilding and any similar minor building, unless the building is considered to be of historical significance, architectural value or part of such an entity. Unless a permit is required for the demolition of the building or part thereof, a written notice of demolition must be submitted.  A building or part of a building may not be demolished without a permit in a town plan area or in an area where there is a building prohibition referred to in Section 53 of the Land Use and Building Act in force to prepare a town plan. A permit is also required if the master plan so dictates. A demolition permit is subject to the condition that the demolition does not entail the destruction of heritage, beauty or other values contained in the built environment and does not impede the realisation of land use planning.

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