Advertising in street areas

The city has both long-term and short-term contracts with companies that advertise in street areas. The advertisements are mostly at bus stops and lamp posts. Temporary advertisement spots Bridge rails and other structures that do not compromise traffic or general safety as well as public areas can be rented as advertising spots for up to two weeks. Bridge banners It is possible to apply for a temporary advertising permit (also for commercial purposes) for bridge railings (13 locations) for up to two weeks. Political advertisements on bridge banners are not permitted. Advertising spots are available on the railings of the following bridges: 1 Lintulaaksontie northern/ Lintulaaksonsilta bridge 2 Lintulaaksontie southern/ Pikkulinnunsilta bridge 3 Viherlaaksontie/Shopping centre 4 Espoonväylä/Kiltakuja 5 Merituulentie/Koulusilta bridge 6 Nöykkiönkatu/Vehaksensilta bridge 7 Olarinkatu/Meteorinranta 8 Kuitinmäentie/Piispansilta bridge 9 Martinsillantie/Tukkurinsilta bridge 10 Matinkatu/Shopping centre 11 Soukantie/Shopping centre 12 Soukantie/Kastevuorenraitti 13 Alakartanontie/Kastevuorenkuja Enquiries regarding available bridge spots: The advertiser is responsible for commissioning the bridge banners and installing them. Prices of temporary advertisements A. No fee is charged for advertising events for the public good. These include: events for public good that are open to all, free of charge and organised by the city, organisations, associations, educational institutes and day-care centres time slots of sports clubs and organisations in park fields granting small-scale, temporary traffic arrangements due to family events and similar if they do not cause a need for inspection visits cleaning and environmental work parties events related to general elections during the election advertisement period work, exercises or events of the defence forces, police or rescue department, etc. research and work projects of the ministries and state-owned institutions work related to the city's own units an ice cream van or similar mobile sales stand or point making a quick stop in the area B. Community advertisements: €15 + VAT (24%)/day (sporting events, cultural events) C. Business advertisements: €60 + VAT (24%)/day Event signage A permit can be applied for for the signage of an event (e.g. a sporting or cultural event, shop opening or some other similar public event or celebration). The maximum number of advertisements awarded for one permit application is 30 and they are meant to be placed within a restricted area (e.g. city district) to serve as signage for a single event. The price of an event signage permit is €60 + VAT (24%)/2 days. The city monitors the appropriateness of the advertisements and is entitled to remove unauthorised advertisements from the street areas and to charge for the resulting costs. Apply for a permit electronically via the Electronic services for construction and land use (in Finnish). You can find the correct permit application under Yleisten alueiden luvat (public area permits) in Mainoslupa (advertisement permit).

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