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Contents of Marinpuisto plan

Nature state terrain and existing trees and their undergrowth will remain in the area so that it still functions as a protective zone between habitation and seashore. Trees will only be removed deliberately. A few new trees will be planted in the park to replace removed ones.

Runoff water drains which guide runoff water from Kivenlahti subway station and structures delaying runoff water will be built on the park area. Quality delays of runoff water will be done by taking advantage of existing dikes and vegetation that naturally collects runoff water and maintaining them. For runoff water structures, new runoff water pipes and -drums are built, and drainage will be built on the other mould. It is expected that the mould will usually have little if any water in it.

Park paths are renovated, and lighting is renewed. In the future, park paths will mainly be 3 metres wide except Marinsatamapolku will continue to be 2 metres wide. Marinpuistopolku’s top layer will be raised so the path will also dam up runoff water. Benches and trash cans will be placed along the paths. Runoff water moulds and park path edges are landscaped with meadows and terrain from the spot will be taken advantage of. Trees on edges of the park area are developed while building with forest maintenance measures, otherwise the park area is attempted to be kept in its natural state.

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