The aerial view shows the location of the Keilaniemi plan amendment area as part of the surrounding area.
Aerial view of the plan amendment area.Photo: City of Espoo

Keilaranta 4

Local detailed plansTapiola

The aim of the amendment to the local detailed plan is to change the intended use of an office building, so that the building’s basement and top floor may be turned into commercial facilities and office space. The plan has entered into force 25.8.2021.

Plan name


Area number


Type of land use plan

Local detailed plan amendment


Legally valid


Private landowner

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You can find current information about the progress of a plan on the plan webpage in Finnish. For more information, you can contact the planners. You can participate in the planning process by submitting an opinion during the preparation stage or an objection during the proposal stage.

What are the preparation stage, public review and proposal stage?

You can read more about the process of detailed planning and resident participation on the page Detailed planning process in stages.

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Paltsa Salama

Detailed Planning Engineer040 188 2395Tekniikantie 15, Otaniemi