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Espoo City Rail Link project is currently under construction planning phase. As a part of the project two new tracks will be constructed and as a result a section of street Kamreerintie must be realigned. The City of Espoo has participated in the planning process.



Kamreerintie is an existing access street in Espoon keskus that diverges from Siltakatu. It serves as a vehicle access to north-east part of Kaupunginkallio’s small-house area. There are also corporate real estate blocks along Kamreerintie.

Kamreerintie’s structural layers, water supply / sewerage and street lightning will be renovated. The existing retaining wall between Kamreerintie and railway will be replaced with a new retaining wall to a new position.

The draft plans can be viewed in the Otakantaa -service. Interested parties can comment on the drafts for a period of two weeks 2.1.2023-16.1.2023 on the site(external link)

After the draft phase, the finalized draft street plan will be made available for public consultation from 13 February to 27 February 2023. The parties concerned will be notified by letter of the presentation in public.

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