Location of the dog park on a map

Kallvikinniitty dog park


The City of Espoo has started planning a new dog park in the Kallvikinniitty park in Saunalahti, in line with Espoo’s dog park programme 2018–2028. The dog park will be built in the coming years.

The dog park programme can be found on this page (in Finnish).

Before the planning began, a survey was published where residents were able to express their wishes and opinions regarding the location of the dog park and its structures. The survey was open between January 27th and February 12th 2023. A report has now been written of the results and it’s available to view on this page under “downloadable files” (in Finnish). Also written in the report is how the feedback will affect the planning of the dog park.

Based on the survey, most respondents were satisfied with the presented location of the dog park and the planning will continue based on it. Moving the dog park to the park area north of Salakuljettajantie is not possible. More information on this can be found in the survey report.

Next, a draft plan of the dog park will be prepared, and residents can see and comment on the plan on this page. Residents’ feedback will be taken into consideration when finalising the plan into an administrative and general-level park plan. The plan should be completed during 2023.

A more detailed construction plan will then be prepared, and the dog park will be built based on this plan. Both the park plan and the construction plan will be available on this page.

In the above picture, the boundaries of the Kallvikinniitty park have been marked in green, the dog park in dark blue and public parking areas with light blue circles.

Location of the dog park:

The plan is to place the dog park in the meadow area in the northeastern part of the Kallvikinniitty park, on both sides of the Rosopolku park path. There will be an area for small dogs on one side and an area for large dogs on the other side of the path. The forest area on the western side of the dog park will remain unchanged, as it will provide noise and visual protection for the residential buildings that may be built along the Kallvikinkartano street later.

The dog park will be about 100 metres from Salakuljettajantie and its bus stops and about 70 metres from the Kallvikinkartano public parking area. The Makasiinitie parking area will be less than 200 metres away. The dog park will be at least 70 metres from the residential buildings on Makasiinitie and 115 metres from the residential buildings on Kallvikinkartano.

The park will be divided into two areas, one for large dogs and the other for small dogs. The areas will be approximately 2,000 m2 and 1,000 m2 in size, respectively, in line with the recommendations of the Finnish Kennel Club. The height of the double wire mesh fencing will be 2 metres in the area for large dogs and 1.6 metres in the area for small dogs. All gates will have separate fenced entrance areas. In addition to benches, the dog park will have information boards and deep waste collection containers.

The narrow shape of the Kallvikinniitty park sets limitations on the placement of the dog park as, in addition to the size of the dog park, the distance from the park to the properties on Makasiinitie, Kallvikinkartano and Pakaasiranta must be taken into account. It is not possible to build the dog park closer to the shore due to the buffer zone and existing trees. In addition, the distance between the field/meadow area near the shore and the properties on Pakaasiranta is very short.

In charge of planning horticulturist planner Annika Kemppainen, annika.kemppainen@espoo.fi