Espoo offers a planning reservation for an equestrian sports plot in Matinkylä

19.6.2023 12.21

The City of Espoo is offering a planning reservation for a plot in Matinkylä. The plot is intended for animal-related recreational and wellness activities. The plot is conveniently located between Matinkylä and Finnoo, close to the Waterfront Walkway and the sea.

The city has demolished the dilapidated buildings that were on the plot. The plot is conveniently located along a popular recreational route, close to the Waterfront Walkway and the sea.Photo: City of Espoo

The plot’s address is Kalastajantie 31 and, according to the detailed plan, the plot is intended for an equestrian sports centre. The plot is approximately 24,000 m2 in size with a permitted building volume of 4,400 m2.

The plot is owned by the City of Espoo and was previously used by a riding school. The city has demolished the old buildings that were in poor condition, and currently there are no buildings on the plot.

Individual operators or consortiums of several operators with prior experience of similar projects or property development projects may apply. The city’s aim is to find an applicant who would provide animal-related recreational and wellness activities in the area and would make maximum use of the entire plot.

The application period starts on 20 June and ends on 19 October at 15:45. The application procedure includes two phases. Further information on the plot and the application procedure is available on the website.

The decision on granting the planning reservation will be made by the Business and Competitiveness Subcommittee of the City Board. The aim of the planning reservation is to advance the project so that the plot will eventually be rented out to the operator.