Temporary bridges in Tapiola remain closed for the weekend – guides direct people in the area

12.5.2023 12.18

On Friday morning, the city closed the temporary bridges between Merituulentie and Itätuulenkuja in Tapiola in order to check their safety. According to the current estimate, the bridges will remain closed all weekend. The closed routes will be reopened once their safety has been ensured. We will provide information on the inspection results at the beginning of next week.

Temporary traffic arrangements were made in the area during the night between Thursday and Friday. You can access the street level on Helmakuja (level M) via Tuulimäki. You can take the elevator from the street level to the bus stop, metro station and Ainoa shopping centre. The route is not accessible.

Accessible routes run via Leimuniitty or alternatively via the Tykkitie underpass.

Today 12 May, there will be guides in ten different places in Tapiola directing people until 18:00. By then, guide maps will have been installed.

We respond to authorities’ requests for information first

The city is now focusing on inspecting the bridges, taking care of temporary traffic arrangements and responding to authorities’ requests for information.

We also accept document requests from the media, but at this point we have to prioritise requests by the police and the Safety Investigation Authority. We will respond to document requests from the media as soon as possible but most likely not until next week.

A temporary bridge collapsed on Thursday on Itätuulenkuja in Tapiola. Several young people were injured in the accident. No one suffered life-threatening injuries.

The city is responsible for the collapsed bridge, which was designed and built by a scaffolding supplier. The bridge had been inspected on a weekly basis. The Safety Investigation Authority is investigating the cause of the collapse.

The Safety Investigation Authority and the police have completed their on-site investigations, and the bridge will be dismantled during the weekend.