Temporary bridges in Tapiola remain closed for the time being – pedestrians can use the street-level connection on Itätuulenkuja

22.5.2023 5.56

The City of Espoo, scaffolding suppliers and a third-party operator have inspected the temporary bridges in Tapiola. The city commissioned a third-party inspection of the bridges.

The map shows temporary routes in Tapiola.

The inspection report will be completed next week, after which the city will provide information on the results. On Friday morning 12 May, Espoo closed the temporary bridges between Merituulentie and Itätuulenkuja in Tapiola. The bridges will remain closed for the time being.

Temporary traffic arrangements have been made in the area for pedestrians and cyclists.

Some levelling has been carried out at the street level on Itätuulenkuja, and obstacles making passage difficult have been removed. Pedestrians, including those pushing a pram or bicycle, can walk all the way from Tapiolantie to Etelätuulentie. From Itätuulenkuja, you can access Helmakuja, where you can take the elevator to the metro, bus terminal and Ainoa shopping centre.

Speed bumps have been placed on both sides of the pedestrian crossing next to Helmakuja on Itätuulenkuja.

Itätuulenkuja is a two-level street, as is Tuulimäki. The demolition of the deck of Tuulimäki starts next week, and access to the deck level has been cut off. You can take the stairs from Tuulimäki to a tunnel through which you can access the street level on Itätuulenkuja. You can then continue on to Helmakuja, where you can take the elevator to the bus terminal, metro or shopping centre.

Accessible routes run via Leimuniitty or alternatively via the Tykkitie underpass.

Night-time passage between bus terminals through Ainoa until Monday

Until Monday 22 May, night-time passage between the bus terminals on both sides of Merituulentie is possible via level M of the Ainoa shopping centre and the first floor. In the past, nigh-time passage between the terminals has been possible via the temporary bridges, as only parts of the bus terminal premises have been open at night. Until next Monday, the bus terminals will be kept completely open at night to enable passage between the terminals through the shopping centre. We will provide more information on future night-time connections between the bus terminals later.

The city decided to close and inspect all temporary bridges in the area due to the accident on Thursday 11 May. Several young people were injured when a temporary bridge collapsed on Itätuulenkuja.

The bridge was designed and built for the city by a scaffolding supplier, but the city is responsible for the temporary bridges. The collapsed bridge had been inspected on a weekly basis, most recently on 5 May.

The Safety Investigation Authority is investigating the cause of the collapse.